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This 12 month, self-guided program will give you the tools you need to get set up foundational systems for your family. Monthly Training Audios will teach you simple, easy to apply tools that will improve your family dynamics and communication and get your kids cooperating with ease. 

Topics include creating close sibling relationships (and dealing with arguments and conflict), setting boundaries without feeling like the bad guy, working through chronic family breakdowns, getting your kids to open up and talk to you about their lives and more. 

This self-guided program is great for families who aren’t ready to invest in 1-1 coaching but need support to begin making changes in their daily lives. By the end of the program, you will have a tool-kit for dealing with new challenges and breakdowns as they arise and will be more clear on your family’s core values and how they can guide your decisions and parenting style.



The Six Month Family Reset is designed to target the biggest struggles and breakdowns you’re experiencing in your family right now, create solutions and results, and prepare you to deal with future breakdowns or problems. Through creating a framework for your unique family system and culture, you’ll not only see immediate improvements — you’ll also prevent future struggles and leave with a tool-kit for dealing with new challenges as they arise.

We will address whatever your biggest needs are right now whether it be arguments and negotiation, tantrums, scheduling, sibling conflict, or anything else. As we design and implement your new systems, you’ll also get really clear on your vision, values and family culture — which will become your guideposts for how you parent and make decisions about parenting going forward.

This package includes calls with you and your children (so you don’t have to do everything alone!) and if you’re local to Austin, there’s even an optional in-home coaching component where I come work directly in your home, with your family.

This package is ideal for families who are ready to make a real, lasting change in daily life and set the foundation for deeper connections with the whole family.



My In-Home Immersion Coaching is the most advanced, “deep dive” program I offer. In this package, I will spend 7 full days with your family helping you achieve an in-depth “reset.” Then we will follow it up with 4 months of coaching for you and your kids to help support you as you implement the changes we design.

I call this program the total overhaul because we will have the chance to look deeply at everything from why your kids aren’t getting their chores done to the built up resentments that are putting strain on family relationships. By spending such a large quantity of time in-person with your family, I will be able to see and bring light to underlying dynamics, which go unnoticed in day-to-day life but have a big impact on the feeling in your home and how your connections evolve over time.

During this time, you’ll get clear on the values that will become the road map for your family and the vision and culture you are creating in your family. You will gain clear and simple action steps for dealing with the consistent challenges that come up in your family and you’ll begin to learn a new way of dealing with breakdowns and conflict. This is a chance to build deep and lasting change in your family life and the relationship with your children that will ripple out over the years.


These 6 week intimate Group Coaching Program will help you make simple, intuitive shifts in your communication and family systems that will make your daily life with your children less chaotic and more FUN! Program dates vary and are specific to age range of children in your family.

Through a combination of Group Coaching Calls, Training Audios, and Email Support, you will start making the changes you desire in your family. Learn to cut back on arguments, tantrums, backtalk, and rudeness… without using discipline or punishment. Start finding more time yourself and your partner… without feeling guiltyLearn how one simple skill can make bedtime, mornings, and other common “breakdown times” a breeze. And notice how you are your kids start enjoying each other even more…

Have More HARMONY and FUN with Your Family!

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