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The toddler + preschool years are some of the most joyous but also the most challenging... Do you ever feel like...

  •  Some days are fun, easy and smooth... and then its like a light switch flips and your child is whiny and difficult. You're not always sure what causes it or how to handle it.  
  • You want to practice positive and conscious parenting, but sometimes when your child is acting out you find yourself falling back on yelling, timeouts or even spanking your child.  
  • You’re not totally sure if your child understands discipline yet or how to effectively use it at this age.  
  • You struggle to find a balance between giving your child all of the love and attention you want to while still finding time to have a life and take care of yourself... and when you do take time for yourself, you end up feeling guilty!  
  • You’re struggling with potty training, picky eating, sleep issues (including getting your child to sleep in their own bed) or other common toddler issues.  
  • You often feel isolated or alone in the things you're going through and you're not sure where to turn for support.

“Hi, my name is Mariah Sage and my passion is helping parents raise empowered kids, create more connected families, and ENJOY the parenting process even more along the way.  

I believe that our homes and families should be the place we go to gain strength and energy to take with us into the world. But I know it doesn't always feel that way…  

Raising kids is tiring and no one ever teaches us how to do it. Plus every family is so unique…  

That's why my approach isn’t about following a specific parenting style or philosophy. It's about the day-to-day communication tools and parenting skills that over time, create lasting shifts in your family.  

Through making subtle changes in the way you parent, you will notice your day-to-day life becoming easier and more enjoyable AND you will set the foundation for an open connection with your kids that will last a lifetime.”

I’m here to tell you (if you didn’t already know it), that you are NOT alone!

The time from around 18 months-5 years old can be an incredibly challenging and confusing time. Your child is going through so many huge developmental shifts, discovering their first taste of independence and experiencing some really BIG emotions. And there is so much conflicting information out there on how to deal with every issue...  

If you are tired of sifting through all of the conflicting information online and the well-meaning advice of friends and family – only to feel like you're falling back on a "trial-and-error" parenting method, this group is for you. 

This intimate, 12 week, Group Coaching Program focuses on teaching you real applicable skills to help manage things like tantrums, arguing, boundary testing, and positive discipline for your little one. The program will also feature experts in the fields of potty training, sleep and picky eating. Rather than following a specific parenting style, the approach is all about getting in touch with yourself as a parent and how you want to raise your children – and then teaching you tools to make the day-to-day easier.  

You will learn...

  • - Strategies for preventing meltdowns and tantrums in the first place... AND a kind and effective way to handle them when they do occur.  
  • - A positive & loving way to discipline your child when they act out.  

  • - How to feel more connected to your child when you are apart... and to feel more at ease (and less guilty) when you have to leave them.  

  • - A system for teaching your kids independent play, and reducing nagging and attention-seeking.  

  • - The underlying causes of most recurring breakdowns or "problem times" like bedtime, mornings and transitions.  

  • - Skills and steps for handling problems with potty training, sleep and picky eating.

What’s Included In This 12 Week Program...

  • 8 Training Audios - Where you'll learn simple communication shifts your toddler will truly respond to, clear procedures for handling things like whining and tantrums, and a guide on how to set up boundaries and consequences you'll actually be able to follow through on.  

  • 6 Group Coaching Calls - These 60 minute calls are for you to ask questions after implementing the content from the Training Audios, get live coaching on whatever is going on right now, hear from other parents about their ideas, struggles, and wins with their toddlers, and learn advanced systems for creating ongoing ease in your home.  

  • PDF Worksheets - These exercises will support the content you learn in your Training Audios. You will get clear on the areas where you need more consistency, learn the most effective wording for getting your child to listen, and get a fresh perspective on tough issues you've faced as a parent.

  • Voice Messaging Support - Up to one voice message a week for questions or breakdowns as you're working through the materials and implementing changes.


  • 3 Expert videos on the topics of sleep, potty training and picky eating
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What People Are Saying...

I have been in Mariah Sage's parenting group for preschool and under aged kids for a couple weeks now. I literally cannot believe the changes that have already happened in our family and I still have not implemented all that I have learned yet...AND we're only halfway through. I am so moved daily by how my girls are treating each other, treating me, and most importantly, the changes in how I think and how I handle things and how much more creative I have become when it comes to parenting. I cannot recommend The Parenting Hotline enough!!!!! Thank you forever Mariah!  

Paula Stinnett  

"Mariah is a toddler-whisperer! She helped me understand my child in a way I didn't realize was possible. Before working with Mariah, I felt completely out of control when my child acted out. Mariah helped me understand what my child is trying to communicate with me when she acts this way. Now when my daughter acts out, I know how to talk to her so that she'll listen and I have clear action steps on how to diffuse the situation.  

Working with Mariah also helped me connect with my child on a deeper level and feel less guilt when I'm away from her. I'm so thankful for the guidance I received from Mariah. If you want to have a better connection with your, child, have less tantrums, better sleep, more quality time as a family and less stress I highly recommend working with Mariah!" 

- Tiffany Kennedy  

Mariah saved us! We had transitioned our 2.5 year old to a big-boy bed and were averaging between 2 and 4 hours of sleep a night. We had tried everything to get him back on track. I was really suffering. I could not concentrate at work and was starting to feel helpless. Like this was just our new normal. I also worried that we were setting him up to have sleep issues later in his life.  

Then we hired Mariah. She came over one night and had him asleep within 15 minutes. It had been taking me 3.5 hours to get him to sleep. He slept for 12 hours straight. Mariah gave us a few simple and brilliant tools. We continue to stick to her plan and our family is well rested and much relieved! Mariah is clearly well educated and experienced in her field and also has an intuitive sense about what children need. And she happens to be a joy to be around!  

She’s amazing and I have already recommended her to anyone I run into who mentions needing help with their children."

- Andrea Bleau-Dicks  

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Program Dates: August 27th - November 19th, 2019 

Group Coaching Calls will happen every other Tuesday at 12pm CST. All calls will be recorded and if you can't make a live call, you can send your questions in through email 24hrs in advance.  

Call Dates: September 10th September 24th October 8th October 22nd November 5th November 19th