You know the way it works when you start a new workout plan, study or work regiment, or maybe a new morning or evening routine?

You start off so strong. Inspired, excited, on time and consistent. Then over time, stuff comes up. You might go from working out 5 days a week to working out 3 days a week and eventually, you might fall off completely.

Of course, we all know this is normal. But what’s the one thing we need to guarantee long term success? We need a plan of action for getting BACK ON TRACK after we fall off.

Same goes for your family.

Systems make a family work and run smoothly. When everyone knows their role and their jobs, when communication is being practiced mindfully, when regular check ins happen and you have plans of action for handling consistent breakdowns — things feel pretty easy!

But just like anything else in life, we set up these systems, we practice them for awhile… and then we get off track. School gets crazy. Extended family comes to visit. Everyone comes down with the flu. Your partner goes away on a work trip. And you feel like you’re back to square one. Chaos, breakdowns, and stress.

Not only do you need systems for getting things running smoothly in the first place, you need a system and gameplan for for the times when you get off track.

For most families, this happens multiple times a year. Over the holidays, transitioning into summer mode, or even something smaller can do it.

But when you have a clear set of actions steps you take to get back into your routines and systems, these interruptions don’t have to throw you off long term or take a toll on family dynamics and relationships. They can become just a small hiccup.

But you can’t fall into the trap of thinking things will just get better on their own. You need a plan and you need clear action steps. What do you do when your family life gets off track? How do you re-ground and re-connect?

This plan has the potential to keep family life smooth and harmonious in the long term. For more on how to create your family’s “Reset Plan,” Click to watch the video below.