The Parenting Hotline

Support And Solutions On-Call For The Moments When You Need It Most

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel totally overwhelmed by the task of parenting and you don’t know where to turn for help? 

  • Maybe your child is throwing massive tantrums in public... you feel embarrassed and have no idea how to effectively discipline them or make the meltdowns stop.
  • Or you find out your teenager has been keeping secrets from you... and you want to improve your relationship and communication, but you're not sure how.
  • Maybe you're dealing with backtalk, negotiating, eye rolling, and attitude from your THREE-nager, your teenager, or one of your littles in between.  
  • Even if things are going pretty well, do you ever find yourself wondering if you are doing the right things to raise happy, successful kids? 

Of course, there are endless parenting resources out there. But let’s be honest… If you're raising children, you are BUSY! 

You don't have TIME or ENERGY to... 

What you really need is support and answers in REAL TIME


The Parenting Hotline

If you have ever...

  • Frozen up because you didn’t know how to answer the difficult question your child just threw your way... 
  • Found yourself yelling at your kids because you were feeling so frustrated...
  • Struggled with the complicated balance between setting healthy boundaries and raising kids who are free, confident, and self-aware...  
  • Been overwhelmed by the task of teaching your kids everything they need to know to be successful in today's world...
  • Had no idea how to deal with your child's most recent "phase"...
  • Faced a major parenting decision that you and your partner just couldn't agree or align on...

This program will give your family the support you need to make 2018 your best and EASIEST year yet.  

What Is The Parenting Hotline? 

The Parenting Hotline is a year long program that is deisgned support your whole family. The unique structure came from the experience I have had with trying to help busy parents fit coaching into their already very full lives. Here's what I have learned…  

 - Parents are always having last minute conflicts. Like when your child gets sick and needs to go to the doctor, your partner has to leave on a last minute business trip, or something else unexpected comes up.  

 - Every family is incredibly unique and therefore needs to implement changes at a different pace. A stay at home mom with one child has more freedom of attention to direct toward making changes at home than a single, working mom with three kids! You need support at your own pace.  

 - It's not just the moms who need help! You may have a nanny, partner, extended family member, or even older sibling helping out. But it can be difficult to get the whole family on a call at the same time.  

This program will give your family support to deal with whatever is going on RIGHT NOW and will help you develop a Family System that will keep you close, connected, and enjoying your home life. 

You will...

  • Experience fewer tantrums and meltdowns, and less arguing, negotiating, and attitude from your kids by learning communication tools they will actually respond to.  
  • Find more free time for yourself, your partner, or the activities you actually WANT to do with your kids… instead of wasting time telling them to put on their shoes or negotiating over what time they are going to start their homework.  
  • Find more harmony in your home by really getting on the same page with your partner, nanny, or other co-caregivers on parenting practices and values... 
  • Eliminate the feeling that you always have to be the bad guy or that your kids play favorites based on how much they get away with from one parent or authority figure to the next.
  • Feel peace of mind in knowing that you are raising your kids the way you really WANT to raise them (in line with your values), and get clarity about what actions and practices make that possible.  
  • Learn how to keep your family connected and grounded even during the busiest seasons, and stay close as your kids grow up.  

How does The Parenting Hotline Work?

The program is designed specifically to fit in around your busy life...

You'll Recieve...

Are You Ready? 

Investment: $160/month for 12 months

What People Are Saying About Mariah...

Mariah saved us! We had transitioned our 2.5 year old to a big-boy bed and were averaging between 2 and 4 hours of sleep a night. We had tried everything to get him back on track. I was really suffering. I could not concentrate at work and was starting to feel helpless. Like this was just our new normal. I also worried that we were setting him up to have sleep issues later in his life. Then we hired Mariah. She came over one night and had him asleep within 15 minutes. It had been taking me 3.5 hours to get him to sleep. He slept for 12 hours straight. Mariah gave us a few simple and brilliant tools. We continue to stick to her plan and our family is well rested and much relieved! Mariah is clearly well educated and experienced in her field and also has an intuitive sense about what children need. And she happens to be a joy to be around! She’s amazing and I have already recommended her to anyone I run into who mentions needing help with their children."

Andrea Bleau-Dicks

I have been in Mariah Sage's parenting group for preschool and under aged kids for a couple weeks now.  

I literally cannot believe the changes that have already happened in our family and I still have not implemented all that I have learned yet...AND we're only half way through. I am so moved daily by how my girls are treating each other, treating me, and most importantly, the changes in how I think and how I handle things and how much more creative I have become when it comes to parenting.  

I cannot recommend The Parenting Hotline enough!!!!! Thank you forever Mariah! 

Paula Stinnett

“Hi, my name is Mariah Sage and my passion is helping parents raise empowered kids, create more connected families, and ENJOY the parenting process even more along the way.  

I believe that our homes and families should be the place we go to gain strength and energy to take with us into the world. But I know it doesn't always feel that way…  

Raising kids is tiring and no one ever teaches us how to do it. Plus every family is so unique…  

That's why my approach isn’t about following a specific parenting style or philosophy. It's about the day-to-day communication tools and parenting skills that over time, create lasting shifts in your family.  

Through making subtle changes in the way you parent, you will notice your day-to-day life becoming easier and more enjoyable AND you will set the foundation for an open connection with your kids that will last a lifetime.”

Curious, but not sure yet?

Is This Program Right For You?

This Program Is For You If...

This Program Is NOT For You If...

  • You Have A Family With Full Lives and Fuller Schedules - multiple careers, multiple kids, and all of the logistics that go with it.  
  • Your family has a "Modern Family" makeup - kids spread out over lots of years, highly involved extended family, divorced parents and co-parenting, full time nanny or other in-home help. Any family where a LOT of people need to be on the same page about family practices and values.  
  • You are ready to start making lasting changes in your home life - and are willing to practice consistency and have an open mind to new skills and tools that at times, may seem counter-intuitive.  
  • You feel like as your kids have gotten older, you don't know how to connect with them like you used to and you are looking for a way get you all back on the same page again.  
  • You have little ones and are finding yourself under a lot of stress and not always handling things the way you want to with your kids.  
  • You are looking for “quick fix” solutions for disciplining your kids when they act out rather than systems to prevent breakdowns in the first place.  
  • You think all of the problems in your family stem from your children’s bad behavior and don’t want to make changes to yourself and the way you parent.  
  • Your kids have been grown up and out of the house for more than 2-3 years.  
  • You are not willing to invest at least 2 hours per week in working on your family’s connection and systems.  
  • You don’t believe in positive or conscious parenting approaches.  

Curious, but not sure yet?

"My Family had 10 days of family coaching, such a wonderful enriching experience!!!! We have a strong connection again, much better understanding for everyone – I can not thank you enough Mariah – My Family adores and loves you."

Katja Wieland-Kaefer

In short, I’m a better mom because of my time with Mariah. I call her the kid whisperer! I was amazed at how much I learned about being my best as a mom. Our whole family was blessed by our time with Mariah and at the end, we definitely were upgraded in our family operating system….FAMILY 11.0!

Melissa Sweet