Learn How to Have More HARMONY and FUN with Your Family!

Spend more time ENJOYING your family

Does it feel like parenting consists mostly of picking up dirty socks, mediating sibling rivalries, and making sure homework is done on time?

What if you could spend your time at home actually connecting with your kids and still have some free time left over for yourself?

Most of time, parents are so busy that they are working on autopilot just trying to make sure everything is taken care of and none of the details slip through the cracks. This often means a lot of chaos and stress and not a whole lot of enjoyment, peace, or quality time.

But there is a way that you can actually cherish and enjoy the daily time that you spend with your kids without your whole world falling apart.

By implementing simple systems and applying the practices of intentional and positive parenting, you can start making changes immediately. You can redesign your life in a way that truly works for YOUR family.  You will experience more fun and ease in your home, as well as a restored sense of balance between the many working parts of your life.

Meet Mariah

My passion is helping parents grow closer and deeper relationships with their families by eliminating some of the daily stresses of parenting. Through my work and observations with families around the world I have seen a pattern…

Often, parents love their kids SO much and yet they are often so busy, overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted that they hardly get the chance to enjoy raising them.

I believe that by applying simple systems that make their days flow more easily, families can experience peace and harmony in their homes and see their family as the place they go to reset and recharge.

I developed the work I do with families through years of working as a live in nanny, babysitter, and caregiver. As well as through my degree in psychology, which I completed at Earlham College.

I truly love helping families have more fun and enjoyment together and helping take the stress out of parenting. By getting your family on track and getting high quality childcare that really works for your family’s particular needs, you will experiencing so much more closeness and joy in your relationships with your kids and your home life in general.

What We Offer



Get consistent support for dealing with your family’s biggest breakdowns and parenting challenges



Know your kids are cared for and things are handled the way you would do them, even when you can’t be there



Spend 5-10 days giving your family a total reset and find a new sense of peace and connection in your home

Success Stories

My Family had 10 days of family coaching, such a wonderful enriching experience!!!! We have a strong connection again, much better understanding for everyone – I can not thank you enough Mariah – My Family adores and loves you.

Katja Wieland-Kaefer

In short, I’m a better mom because of my time with Mariah.  I call her the kid whisperer! I was amazed at how much I learned about being my best as a mom. Our whole family was blessed by our time with Mariah and at the end, we definitely were upgraded in our family operating system….FAMILY 11.0!

Melissa Sweet

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Have More HARMONY and FUN with Your Family!

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