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Does it feel like parenting consists mostly of picking up dirty socks, mediating sibling rivalries, and making sure homework is done on time?

What if you could spend your time at home actually connecting with your kids and still have some free time left over for yourself?

Most of time, parents are so busy that they are working on autopilot just trying to make sure everything is taken care of and none of the details slip through the cracks. This often means a lot of chaos and stress and not a whole lot of enjoyment, peace, or quality time.

But there is a way that you can actually cherish and enjoy the daily time that you spend with your kids without your whole world falling apart.

By implementing simple systems and applying the practices of intentional and positive parenting, you can start making changes immediately. You can redesign your life in a way that truly works for YOUR family.  You will experience more fun and ease in your home, as well as a restored sense of balance between the many working parts of your life.

Meet Mariah

My name is Mariah Sage and my passion is helping parents raise empowered kids and ENJOY the parenting process even more along the way. Through my in-home and virtual coaching, I help families deepen their relationships, experience more peace in their household, and unite in their values & family vision. 

I believe that our homes and families should be the place we go to gain strength and energy to take with us into the world. But I know it doesn’t always feel that way…

Raising kids is tiring and no one ever teaches us how to do it. Plus every family is so unique. That’s why my approach isn’t about following a specific parenting style or philosophy. It’s about the day-to-day communication tools and parenting skills that over time, create lasting shifts in your family. I help parents get really clear on their own values, beliefs and priorities and teach them how to start parenting in alignment with what’s most important to them. 

My work uses a combination of intuition, systems, and clear applicable skills that create noticeable shifts in family & relationship dynamics.

I grew up in the world of personal development – in a family with 5 kids. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and 10 working in the child care industry, I went out to develop a body of work that helps families stay close throughout the years, enjoy their home life more and raise happy, confident kids. My clients have told me that working with me is like having someone open up the mind of their child and show them what’s really going on – so they can understand each other in a deeper way.

Through making subtle changes in the way you parent, you’ll notice your day-to-day life becoming easier and more enjoyable AND you will set the foundation for an open connection with your kids that will last a lifetime.


What We Offer


One-on-one support and coaching for you AND your kids to improve family dynamics and get your household running smoothly.


A year of monthly audios for self-guided family system creation and communication training.



Get a total reset and fresh start with a 7 day, in-home intensive workshop for the whole family.



An intro course in improving family dynamics and relieving household stress. (Join the waitlist)

Success Stories

Mariah saved us! She gave us a few simple and brilliant tools, we continue to stick to her plan and our family is well rested and much relieved! Mariah is clearly well educated and experienced in her field and also has an intuitive sense about what children need. And she happens to be a joy to be around! She’s amazing and I have already recommended her to anyone I run into who mentions needing help with their children.”

Andrea Bleau-Dicks

In short, I’m a better mom because of my time with Mariah.  I call her the kid whisperer! I was amazed at how much I learned about being my best as a mom. Our whole family was blessed by our time with Mariah and at the end, we definitely were upgraded in our family operating system….FAMILY 11.0!

Melissa Sweet

I literally cannot believe the changes that have already happened in our family and I still have not implemented all that I have learned yet… I am so moved daily by how my girls are treating each other, treating me, and most importantly, the changes in how I think and how I handle things and how much more creative I have become when it comes to parenting.  

I cannot recommend The Parenting Hotline enough!!!!!  Thank you forever Mariah!


Grace Stinnett

Mariah is a toddler-whisperer! She helped me understand my child in a way I didn’t realize was possible. Before working with Mariah, I felt completely out of control when my child acted out. Mariah helped me understand what my child is trying to communicate with me when she acts this way. Now when my daughter acts out, I know how to talk to her so that she’ll listen and I have clear action steps on how to diffuse the situation.

Tiffany Spitzer

Mariah created a great learning environment where I was able to learn a variety of new parenting techniques, as well as address specific behavioral issues my family was facing. By utilizing what we learned about routines in the class everyone in the family felt more calm throughout the day.

Josie Hermann

My Family had 10 days of family coaching, such a wonderful enriching experience!!!! We have a strong connection again, much better understanding for everyone – I can not thank you enough Mariah – My Family adores and loves you.

Katja Wieland-Kaefer

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